Why Choose Moreno Trenching

We’re a one stop shop with capabilities, experience and labor to handle the most demanding jobs.


To maintain a great company, you not only need excellence on your management team, you need a great crew of workers. In today’s market to have a great crew you must have equally great safety and training programs. Safety is an ever present part of our operations and permeates throughout our organization. We have worked hard over the past ten years to implement a safety plan that not only meets code, but provides us with a culture of safety vs. one of get it done at all cost.

To work effectively you not only need proper equipment but proper training to ensure that the equipment is being fully utilized and operated safely. Our training programs cover the gamut from maintenance to operation for all equipment.

Finally, training also covers installation techniques. Simply put, we can run joint trench to more lots with fewer employees than anyone in the industry. We believe our safety and training programs allow us to achieve this gaol and provide a superior value to our customers in productivity and efficiency.



Moreno Trenching

Dry Utility Construction

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