Trenching Services

  • Joint Trenching
  • Cable pulling and splicing
  • Street light controller install and splicing
  • TV, Cable TV, conduit & cable
  • Electric, gas and composite engineering and design

Joint trench, also known as a shared trench, is a type of trench excavation where two or more utilities (such as water, gas, electric, and communication lines) are installed in the same trench. This approach can provide cost savings compared to digging separate trenches for each utility.

Joint trenching requires careful planning and coordination between the different utility providers to ensure that the installations do not interfere with each other and are properly separated and protected. The trench must also be designed to meet the specific needs of each utility and comply with any applicable local, safety, and environmental regulations.

Overall, joint trenching can be an effective way to reduce construction costs, minimize disruption to the surrounding area, and promote efficient use of space. However, it requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the different utilities are installed safely and effectively.




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