Del Paso Substation, Sacramento

Constructed a new SMUD substation as the general contractor with associated subcontractors. The project included a conduit system from transformers to capacitors, copper ground grid, transformer slabs with containment area and capacitor slabs, grading, rocking and masonry walls.

Diablo Valley College, San Ramon
Installed concrete reinforced concrete duct system for the college campus communication and electrical main feeds and distribution.

Subdivision in Jackson
Installed Dry Utilities on hillside property with extensive amounts of rocks in the soil.

SMUD Annual Civil Contract
Installed conduits, transformer slabs, vaults, manholes, replaced vault grates and tops, rock pathways, asphalt pavement repairs and various other SMUD requested items of work.

Elissagary Subdivision, Tracy
Installed the backbone joint trench, including gas pipe, electric & phone conduits and street lighting on Chrisman and Valpico Roads. The project also included installing the joint trench for the attached subdivisions.



Moreno Trenching

Dry Utility Construction

           1015-B Airport Road            
Rio Vista, CA 94571
License # 439967